Hello My Friends

Hi Friends, I often think of you and never seem to have the time to get together or check in.  The silver lining in this crisis is that we have time to do the things we’ve been wanting to get to, so here I am.  How are you and how is your nest supporting you?  I hope your homes are serving you well, a comfortable home is not merely a luxury, it’s a necessity.  A haven that allows you to rejuvenate and relax! 

My family and I have been doing well despite being quarantined and worrying about one another. I’m not complaining but rather grateful that we are healthy and not on the front lines battling.  I’ve been doing my part sitting at my desk and sofa and maintaining a healthy home.  I want to share with you some really basic things I’m doing that I think really  do make a difference in fighting this battle.  

SLEEP!  It’s been wonderful to get a solid 8 hours but more importantly it is critically important to our immune system.  The Mayo Clinic says that during sleep, our immune system releases proteins which help promote deeper sleep and produce infection-fighting anitbodies. 

COOKING!  What you cook at home is increasingly important. When things get rocky, I reach for my cast iron pot and make chicken soup!  It’s what I do, I think it’s my way to send out healing to  the world and those who need it.  Bone broth helps reduce inflammation and heals the gut. The amino acids and anti-inflammatory benefits make it a powerful immune system booster. 

VITAMIN C!  It was reported that New York hospitals have been using large does of vitamin C to treat COVID-19 patients.  Clinical trials are being done to see if vitamin C helps fight the virus and the Shanghai Medical Association released government guidelines that made high dose vitamin C an official part of the treatment of patients.  I’m sourcing my vitamin C from Young Living, Super C.  I can help you source this if you’re interested. Food items like lemons, peppers, kiwi are just a few of my favorites that are high in vitamin C. We drink lots of hot teas and hot water with a big squeeze of lemon and a glass of wine at dinner to settle our nerves. 

EXERCISE!  We begin our days with a morning walk and follow it up with stretching, light weights, yoga, a breath practice or playing with our four month old puppy Louie.  He tends to keep us running, jumping and smiling.  Extra body fat causes a state of chronic inflammation and this causes your immune system to become compromised.  Please get moving, you have time!  

WASH YOUR HANDS!  In fact, wash you fingernails too, along with wiping frequently touched knobs, and handles.  When is the last time you wiped down the handle to the tea kettle? The easiest and most important way to prevent the spread of a virus is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water.  I’ve been using my Young Living hand soaps which are not as drying as others and does not contain any toxic ingredients. We are using this time to give a little extra care to our bodies.  I hope you are all doing the same.

JOIN ME!  I’d love to have a cup of coffee with you and catch up.  Designing virtually online is a challenge for me.  I love designing but the truth I’ve discovered is that I love  spending time getting to know my clients intimately, as only happens when you spend a lot of time together in your home, ie closets, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, all those tight intimate spaces which reveal the truths. Thank you for sharing those with me. 


So until this passes and it will, please find your favorite place in your home, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and feel my heart felt message to you. I pray you are safe and well.  I pray you join me in sending out breath and love to all living creatures in the world. I believe in miracles. 




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