Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been looking forward to writing this newsletter, it’s been a while, I know.  I’m writing to wish you a heartfelt, Happy Thanksgiving!  I couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to say “Thank you”. I’m grateful that you have invited me into your homes to work with you in creating a place of peace, comfort and serenity for you and your families.  It’s especially in these cold, hectic months that we need a place that will support and rejuvenate us. A place we are grateful to call home. Not to mention a place where we can serve up a delicious Holiday feast!

It’s that Holiday feast I want to talk a little more about…

Our Holiday and lives are not staged like the beautiful pictures you see in magazines, showrooms, pinterest, Houzz, etc.  Those are great, they look fabulous, they inspire and guide us so we can make wise choices on materials and furnishings.  But…Our homes are not a perfectly balanced snapshot in time like that, as you probably know.

Don’t worry that your dining room table with it’s mix match, napkins, plates, and extra folding chairs don’t quite look like the cover of the Pottery Barn catalog.  Take a closer look at what does surround you and embrace all it’s imperfections and things that are off kilter.  It’s the patchwork of efforts, sacrifices, and love that make our days special.  Don’t worry that your guests have different likes and taste, that makes life interesting. A good feast consists of a lot of blending, stewing, simmering and slow cooking.  Life is similar to that.

Achieving balance just for a few moments, is an endless journey to be enjoyed.

Happy Thanks Giving!

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