It's that time of year where I gather and dry my herbs, gather my family and friends and gather my thoughts of gratitude. Even gratitude for the hard things.

It’s been an incredibly busy few years and it is heartfelt when I say, you are large part of what I’m grateful for. Thank you for your continued support in a profession and service I love.

As my company name Balanced Interiors implies, there is always adjustments being made to stay balanced. Life is that way. Wherever you are this year, physically, mentally, emotionally, I hope the changes and adjustments of this year are welcomed and embraced as part of your personal journey. Living here in New England underscores the passage of time through its contrasting four seasons and a reminder that change is always occurring. Maybe as we begin our own gathering this Thanksgiving, we’ll make small, or maybe large changes to our traditional thanksgiving celebrations so that it works for where we are right now while being grateful for what that is.

Last month, my husband and I spent a few days in Portland Maine. We went for a concert, some wild blueberries and time away. I like Portland, it has a good food and art vibe. It also has a lot of poverty and it was there in a small market I saw a young boy with his grandmother. I noticed how intently he was looking at some food items, remaining quiet, then I heard his grandmother say, "there's no money for that".  He said, 'I like tuna" and put the can back on the shelf.  I think of that seen often, how many times it plays out in the world.  I think of what their Thanksgiving looks like.

So I ask you, because we are stronger together, do what bit you can for others and please join me in saying…
May all beings be happy
May all beings be healthy
May all beings be safe,
May all beings be loved and                                                                                                            May all beings know peace.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you,
Monique Sabatino


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