The Fall Equinox – Balanced

With the Fall Equinox approaching, l've been thinking a lot about two words, Grounding and Balance. Of course Balance is the cornerstone of my business but l've been diving even deeper.

I'm grateful and fortunate to live among the ocean and the trees. We have four large 100+ year old trees that anchor our property. They've enthralled me since the day I first saw the property.

Their roots are deep, they are strong and grounded and their trunks and branches have grown outward and skyward. It’s this grounding that allows them to gracefully withstand the strong winds. I actually love watching and admiring them in a storm. They have their resolve to just "BE" humble and courageous warriors.

That brings me back to "Balance", the cornerstone of my business. To actually balance is to be in constant motion. I fractured my foot a few months back and when I was able to start doing yoga and paddle boarding again, I was amazed how difficult it was to balance on that foot.

I could feel the tiniest of muscles moving and working in my foot to maintain that balance. | never thought my feet worked so hard for me. It's the same constant motion we need when riding a bike, if the wheels stop moving you're not going to balance.

Grounding and centering is even evident in a pottery class I'm taking. Sticking the clay in the center of my wheel and balancing the wheel is the very first step before I can even attempt to make anything. The clay grows up and out from the center. My work projects all begin with footings and foundations or maybe it's just grounding a room with a rug.

For me, the Fall Equinox is my new year, it's my time to reflect upon where I've been, where I want to go and where I am. To acknowledge, see and feel how all things are connected and moving together. What we tell ourselves and what we tell each other determines which way we grow. There is no lasting growth without first grounding and finding balance. On a busy day or not, I find a scared place and create a few sacred moments to connect with that universal energy that keeps our journey in motion. This is what Balanced Interiors is.

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